Things you simply MUST buy!

Well here at Lilybels we just love handcrafted items. (although we are slightly biased!)

We have the pleasure of speaking and dealing with other small business' that produce some of the most amazing 'I really must buy NOW' type of products! We are a sucker for beautiful and things that are a bit 'different'

Like this brilliant 'pizza' necklace by Fairy Fountain Gifts

Pizza necklace

‘What better way to show friendship?! Six slices make up the whole pizza!
These awesome pizza necklaces are perfect for giving to your friendship group! Give each of them a slice. They all come with a charming poem about pizza friendship!

We just love it! If you do too then head over to Fairy Fountain Gifts to purchase and have a look at their other drool worthy items for sale.


 How about some unique Visual Art and Stained Glass from Glass Jackal? They create stained glass art and freehanging designs based on animals and folklore..  we love this stained glass horse suncatcher and the shop owners story behind the design

Horse art

Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark. ~Attributed to the Claddaugh Gypsies of Galway

Associated with the elements of wind and air, the horse is a symbol of freedom, endurance and independence.

Some shamans believe it is a spirit horse that carries the holy man to the heavens, attributing both swiftness on earth and spiritual flight as the powers of horses.

Its presence through history tells of the way horses brought true freedom and independence to mankind, allowing people to cover more distance over land and equip themselves with steeds in battle. The horse has long been viewed as a symbol of nobility and good fortune.

It is said that horses should be called upon when stamina or energy is needed in a situation. The horse is symbolic of movement and overcoming obstacles, it possesses a warrior spirit and strong heart. 


Shabby heart wreath… You can’t have enough pretty things to cheer you up! So we think this gorgeous wreath  from Chandeliers and Roses would look amazing in anyone’s home… or a perfect accessory for a wedding. Actually, we think this would look gorgeous in our studio... 

Shabby heart wreath

If you love it too then pop over and visit Chandeliers and Roses and see what other beautiful things they can tempt you with


We love impact jewellery… and you don’t get much better than this. Stunning antique gold heart cage choker… from Garrie Makes Jewellery….Bring back the 90’s! (showing our age there!) Some great jewellery on his site for men too.... 



Last but by no means least....Hands up if you love your candles (oh ME ME ME) then treat yourself to this gorgeous handmade candle from Wooden Wick Candle Co and wave ‘ta ta’ to the mass produced high street ones…. And wait… it comes in Chocolate Orange (swoon) … Good to smell AND for your waistline, that’s a winner for us!







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    I was hoping the vote would be a little closer, so Democrats would whine about Libertarian Joe Kennedy ruining things, just like they whined for 8 years about Ralph Nader throwing the 2000 ele.oioncNtt that elections mean anything. I just like hearing libs cry.

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for featuring my Shabby Chic Hearts – There is nothing lovelier than others loving your work! I love creating all things Shabby chic and make new things every week xx

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