Things nicer than chocolate (no, we haven't gone mad)

No chocolate I hear you cry? But it is Easter Sunday!!!!

So much emphasis is now on the humble Easter egg. How big it is, what toy it comes with (when DID that start happening?) not to mention the branded mug you might get with it... Very 80's..

but easter 'shopping' has become, well, bland . 

Cheap chocolate, naff mugs and children bouncing off the walls. What fun. *shudder* 

So, if you have been left with a disappointed taste in your mouth this Easter let's look through some alternatives out there. They don't have to be replacements (we know you love your chocolate) but at least let's replace the 'kitkat' mug you got with your egg (that no doubt is being used to store the kids paintbrushes) and throw a bit of elegance in Easter... 'el-egg-gance' see what we did there?.... *facepalm* 


So, let's get to it......

We just love this gorgeous handmade textile art cuff bracelet in sand gold silk by Tors Duce Machine embroidered and hand beaded.
Unique and perfect for both casual and special occasions . Very comfortable to wear.
Inspired by the patterns left by the receding waves in the golden sand on a beach. Perfect  gift for your wife, girlfriend or just for yourself. Click here to purchase 


How about this for the little lady in your life? Spring tutu & t-shirt set from Allie and Bird This set makes a lovely party outfit, cake smash outfit or birthday gift 
Tutu with 4 layers of soft tulle in 3 spring toned colours on a co-ordinating crochet waistband

We love it and any little lady would too (just mind the sticky chocolate fingers) to get yours head here


Now we just adore this lichen resin ring from The Precious Petals What is lichen I hear you cry? Lichens are an amazing symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae. Usnea are a genus which are usually a pale grayish-green that grow like leafless mini-shrubs or tassels anchored on bark or twigs. Usnea species are Nitrogen-haters so are used as indicators of local pollution levels.

The lichens are handpicked and dried. The resin is mixed and poured into the mold, the lichen is coated in resin then put into the mold; this is left to cure (dry) for 3 days then is sanded and polished for the finished piece. Head over now to grab yours here...I would run..go..quick 

Oh evening clutch bag in spring colours? Well hello there! This clutch is by the talented Totes By Wendy . Can't you just picture using this during a spring wedding on a crisp sunny day? We can... it is divine! If you want one then head there now and buy it here



We just got very excited over this Steampunk Gears and Cogs necklace from Lil Jo's Jewellery... why? LOOK AT IT... it is amazing and would  make an awesome statement piece. With three different metal finishes this steampunk necklace really stands out.The metal gears & cogs gives this piece an industrial look, perfect for any steampunk lover! This splendid necklace also comes in a beautiful ribbon topped gift box so is a ready to give gift. Buy it here .We would love it... just saying. 



Now these luxury merino wool blend slipper boots are one of our favourites. (Yes, we did buy a pair as well) so we can confidently say that these are THE most comfiest slipper boots you will find. They are one of Tabby Cat Makes best sellers. Super chunky, soft, hand knitted cable slipper boots!

These gorgeous slippers are a perfect addition to your home. Made out of a luxury Merino Wool blend these slippers are stunningly silky and soft.

We all know that one person who's always got cold feet? They're never seen around the house without a pair of fluffy mules or boot slippers. If you know a certain someone who fits this description, then these best-selling cable knit slippers with stylish wooden buttons are the perfect gift. Made out of a luxury Merino Wool blend these slippers are stunningly silky and soft. If you think you need these in your life too (you do, you do, you do) then just click here

So, thats our round up of some of the best finds we have found on Etsy (far nicer than chocolate right?!) 

Also remember as well that our Lilybels shop on Etsy has an Easter offer of 10% off everything (Just use coupon MARCHLB2016 )

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend and happy shopping !!


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    Fabulous blog! Totally agree with the mug :) Love your choice of items! Thanks for featuring mine

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    Love the knitted boots

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    Have pinned to my board

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    I would love to be featured in the next one :)

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    Beautiful slippers!

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